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简介关于名人的作文英语初中_关于名人的作文英语初中生       接下来,我将会为大家提供一些有关关于名人的作文英语初中的知识和见解,希望我的回答能够让大家对此有更深入的了解。下面,我们开始探讨一下关于名人的作文英语初中的话题。1.关











       WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (1564-1616), English poet, player and playwright, was baptized in the parish church of Stratford upon-Avon in Warwickshire on the 26th of April 1564. The exact date of his birth is not known. Two. 18th-century antiquaries, William Oldys and Joseph Greene, gave it as April 23, but without quoting authority for their statements, and the fact that April 23 was the day of Shakespeare's death in 1616 suggests a possible source of error. In any case his birthday cannot have been later than April 23, since the inscription upon his monument is evidence that on April 23, 1616, he had already begun his fifty-third year. His father, John Shakespeare, was a burgess of the recently constituted corporation of Stratford, and had already filled certain minor municipal offices. From 1561 to 1563 he had been one of the two chamberlains to whom the finance of the town was entrusted. By occupation he was a glover, but he also appears to have dealt from time to time in various kinds of agricultural produce, such as barley, timber and wool. Aubrey (Lives, 1680) spoke of him as a butcher, and it is quite possible that he bred and even killed the calves whose skins he manipulated. He is sometimes described in formal documents as a yeoman, and it is highly probable that he combined a certain amount of farming with the practice of his trade. He was living in Stratford as early as 1552, in which year he was fined for having a dunghill in Henley Street, but he does not appear to have been a native of the town, in whose records the name is not found before his time; and he may reasonably be identified with the John Shakespeare of Snitterfield, who administered the goods of his father, Richard Shakespeare, in 1561. Snitterfield is a village in the immediate neighbourhood of Stratford, and here Richard Shakespeare had been settled as a farmer since 1529. It is possible that John Shakespeare carried on the farm for some time after his father's death,











































































































































       Confucius (former on 28 September 551-former on April 11, 479), son last name, KongShi, the name, the word you, very lu city (now China's shandong province south essien ocres town), China's spring and autumn periods thinkers and educator, the founder of Confucianism. Confucius set a large part of Chinese ancient culture, alive has been praised as "day of the holy," "days of MuDuo", was one of the most learned in society, and was later as hole, most holy saint ruler, and marvelous meng-gua exemplary virtue. Confucius and Confucianism on China and the Korean peninsula, Japan, Vietnam and other regions have a profound effect, the region is known as the Confucian cultural circle.

       孔子(前551年9月28日-前479年4月11日),子姓, 孔氏,名丘,字仲尼,鲁国陬邑(今中国山东省曲阜市南辛镇)人,中国春秋末期的思想家和教育家,儒家的创始人。孔子集华夏上古文化之大成,在世时已被誉为“天纵之圣”、“天之木铎”,是当时社会上最博学者之一,并且被后世统治者尊为孔圣人、至圣、 至圣先师、万世师表。孔子和儒家思想对中国和朝鲜半岛、日本、越南等地区有深远的影响,这些地区又被称为儒家文化圈。


       He is legend

        Jeremy Lin from Taiwan, for a typical ABC ( 在美国出生的华人 ).On the season as a top four player, Jeremy Lin will bring to the hitherto unknown height of Harvard University, has made the school in NNAA(美国大学体育总会) history the most victory.

        After graduating from Harvard, Jeremy Lin took part in this year 's NBA draft, but fail in official nowhere, because the NBA player basically not Ivy League players have any hope.Don't give up the Jeremy Lin chose to represent the Mavericks in the NBA Summer League, and wizards champion John wall 's direct dialog, Jeremy Lin had13points and 4 rebounds, did not fall ahull, it gets people to sit up and take notice of him.

        On July 21, 2010, Chinese genius, Harvard Jeremy Lin successfully landing NBA. He and Jinzhou warriors reached an agreement, both sides signed a two-year basic salary contract. At this point, Jeremy Lin became the first Chinese American history of the NBA player. Believe that he in the next competition will be more luster.







       As we all know,a person attracts more attentions among common peple.Therefore,his or her behaviors should be very careful to make sure that no bad affections are brought to the public.At the same time,he/she should be charged with more responsibilities.For example,Jay is a very famous star in Asia.a few years ago,he expressed his dissatisfaction through a

       media.His disrespect to people in mainland hurt them deeply and then he has been forced out in public for a long time.This also led many teenagers' anger to Jay

       So it is obvious that a person should take on more responsibilities because their afect is common .


       Dr. Johnson Johnson, his father runs a big old bookstall.There was a time, not far from a program, we all go to the fair, it was raining that day, his father wanted Dr. John apart of books, transported to the market place to sell. His father called him three times in succession, want him to go, but Dr. Johnson was absorbed in reading a thickbook, pretended not to hear, do not ignore, father sighed,had to personally. At this time, eighteen year old Johnsondr.. Fifty years later, one day eleven noon, the local people to see the fat old people, kneeling in the middle of the street, put his hat under his arm, walking stick on one side, kneeling in the sun down, tears dc. When Dr. Johnson was already famous, everyone came to see him,he said to the people: the same day fifty years ago, the same time, I do not listen to the words of his father, nowI'm down on my knees and repent!


       Laoshe is my favourite writer. He was born on Faburary the third in 1899 in Beijing. He died in 1966.He has many famous works. many people love to read his novels. He is one of the most famous writer in China . i hope i can be a writer in the future.