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简介关于食品安全的英语作文300字高中_关于食品安全的英语作文300字高中生       大家好,今天我要和大家探讨一下关于关于食品安全的英语作文300字高中的问题。为了让大家更容易理解,我将这个问题进行了归纳整理,现在就让我们一起来










        As is known to all,we get energy from food,and depend on food to sustain life .However ,along with the economic development of our country,our food safety has more and more bee a social problem .Such as clenbuterol event (瘦肉精事件)、tainted bean sprout event (毒豆芽事件)and so on .Those food safety problems bring damages to humans and society ,which are as follows:

        Firstly,some food safety problems bring about some economic loss ,and to some

        extent ,human's health are injured .Second ,those food safety problems have an important influence on the development of food business .Last but not least ,As those food safety problems e up ,our civilians will have some fear to buy some food which have been the past time (过期),when they go to the food market .

        After knowing those food safety problems ,we should take measurs to avoid problems and damages .The can strengthenmanagement of the food market .In addidtion,people can superintend(监督) with each other .



       Food safety has always been an issue in China.According to the official report, even in Beijing, most children can count on contracting food poisoning at least once a year.The problem is, buying anything that is processed becomes a roll of the dice.From my point of view, there are three main reasons for this.First, many illegal traders are producing fake foods.Now we're struggling with the issue of fake eggs. They are nearly impossible to distinguish before buying and far cheaper to make than real eggs are to lay.Second, the didn't set a perfect system on food.Since the huge market, the can't keep an eye on every single company.Third, people should keep their eyes peeled for 'fake food'.(don't get enough space to talk about it).All in all, food safety is a social problem.We hope the , traders, and customer join hands to resist fake food.


       Food Safety In recent years ,more and more people pay attention to the food safety issues. With the improvement of our living standards,people are increasingly concerned about their diet,but the food safety issues turn out frequently,like the Melamine issues. There are several reasons accounting for this phenomenon. Among all the reasons, the preference of factories plays the more important role. In order to gain more benefits ,many factories ignore the safety of food but use the chemical additives. Bisides, consumer konwledge about food safety lacking lead to the food safety issues. In my opinion,our country should make relevant laws to specificate the food production .At the same time ,our consumers should learn more knowledge about food safety.


       The food security of our country is improving constantly

       "The fruit has no taste of fruit! ""Chicken eaten now is all carnivorous chickens that raise! ""The beefsteak is put into the pan and surfaced once heating! "……A lot of persons show, our food was not healthy in the past now, but the actual conditions were not so: From the point of science and health, we take good than any time in the past. Spain " interesting " monthly magazine number publish one entitled as November <<What are we eating? >>Article,understand among them the whole story:

       Perhaps much food has really lost it already existing " natural taste ", but been improved greatly on security.

       However, in these decades, about the checking and controlling and finishing on food production and intermediate link which consume the roller chain all the time of food hygiene, that is to go on while the industry of food such as the processing, packaging transform, starting point and terminal point never in this roller chain go on. Not only checked and controlled the mode and sounded the police whistle for this kind in serious " food crisis " happening in recent years, make consumers lose confidence to food production and links consumed in the roller chain too.

       Mad cow disease started in, in whom Britain find, cause cause of disease to add animal bone meal the feed of " pollute " mainly. This kind of bone meal is from the animal dying of illness at first. Mad cow disease spread in the herds of cattle of Britain rapidly, later, the person of the beef of edible disease was infected too. Later, Belgium take place chicken feed " pollute ", cause chicken dioxin incident that content exceeded standard again, and chicken polluted is for exporting. Animal's diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease, swine fever breaking out in recent years,etc., it is damaged to cause consumers' confidence too. Nowadays, high pathogenic bird flu has already spread to a lot of countries and regions, if the Model H5N1 virus causes interpersonal infection, may cause 4 million deaths in the whole world.

       But " food crisis " constant to take place, impel international health organ introduce each link overall to food production go on measure that monitor too, from to construct kind, poultry brood, reap to crop, poultry's domestic animal slaughters and processes plant, transportation, sell and consumer last consumption,etc. to reach food finally.

       On the other hand, various " food crisis " consumer that attack, become to food hygiene already too and security issue extremely sensitive, they highly pay close attention to the quality of the food consumed by oneself. In including little additive, not including antibiotic, not using ripener, not including pesticide residues etc., people's requirements for food are higher and higher.

       As we all known,food safety problems are more and more popular in our country,because

       more cases about food safety problem have appeared.

       Firstly,As the old saying goes,the food is what matters to the people. Food plays an important role in people's life.So food safety influences people's health and life.Secondly,some producers only think about earning money without thinking about ensuring food safty.they produce unqualified food.Thirdly, some food supervisory departpents don't perform their duty completely.This behavior make some producer ignore the safety of production.

       If we want to solve problems that is illustrated former,we must call on the supervisory department to manage the food market. And the producers must paly their roles. Lastly, we hope that there is law that punish illegal acts.